About Karuna Society

We are Christian Humanitarian organization , registered under societies act 21, of 1860. Our registration No. is 2725-2011-2012 . It was founded on January 2012 with the help and support of family and friends . Since our inception we are constantly working for the betterment of Children and Women, specially focusing on the condition of Children and women and people living in hardship and poverty in urban and rural slums ,

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23, Inderpuri colony, Haivat Mau Mawaiya,
Rai Barelli Road,
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226014,

Mobile: +91-9461347714

Email: info@karunasociety.in

Welcome to Karuna Society - Help One Help All

Karuna Society is an NGO, targeted to help all people in need without any discrimination. We are here to serve people and we run plenty of programs to help Children and Women. We welcome any sort of assistance in terms of Volunteer work and Charity.  We accept charity in cash and also goods, medical equipment that will serve our target.

Women Empowerment

In present society , women is not only looking after household and children but also working hard and earning for the betterment and happiness of her family and children and thus supporting…

Slum Children Education & Care

Our have concern for poor and miserable conditions of Children’s living in urban and rural slums , children of tribal and nomad communities ,Children working as domestic servants in houses, children’s …

Diabetes Care Awareness & Relief Lab

In developing countries like India and our neighboring countries people are unaware of their health and hygiene . Many studies and researches have proved that our young generations are getting…



Register With us as Volunteer and Will contact you in case of any need as and when required.


Our deep concern is for discrimination for the education & care of girl child. Karuna Society, is making every effort to save & educate a Girl Child.


Help to Educate a Child in Need.

Karuna Society Charitable Welfare Organization

In a Span of 3 years we have been able be serve plenty of people who actually needed help and support, be it Children, Women, Old people, People suffering from natural calamity, Differently Able People. We believe in helping without any discrimination. One thing that we feel in this time is, there are many good people around us who want to help others, its just the thought that “Whether my help is reaching to genuine people or not”, has been a bis obstacle. To overcome this we have come with this website so that we can be contacted from anywhere on the Global and pass on your helping hand to Others.

We Focus on Educating the Slum Children as its the only way to ensure a better future for them and lead a worthy life.

We have come up with various Diabetic Care and Awareness & Medical Relief Centre in our area. As when people are fit they can plan their future well.

We ensure that needy people gets at least two times food, so that they can then focus on other necessary things in life.

We are running many welfare projects in our area for Women, Children and Natural Calamity affected Areas, that help people in various ways.

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One Fine Day

One Fine Day - Karuna Society decided to reach people and give medical assistance to them. Sticking to...

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Karuna Society have been serving people in states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, India. In Our near future we have plans to extend ourselves into other states of India and Abroad. We not only want us to extend in terms of areas and people we serve but we also want to extend the frequency of welfare camps and medical relief camps that we arrange. For now we have served  more than 2000 people and with God’s Grace this will be increasing only.

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