About Karuna Society

We are Christian Humanitarian organization , registered under societies act 21, of 1860. Our registration No. is 2725-2011-2012 . It was founded on January 2012 with the help and support of family and friends . Since our inception we are constantly working for the betterment of Children and Women, specially focusing on the condition of Children and women and people living in hardship and poverty in urban and rural slums ,

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23, Inderpuri colony, Haivat Mau Mawaiya,
Rai Barelli Road,
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226014,

Mobile: +91-9461347714

Email: info@karunasociety.in

Women Empowerment

/Women Empowerment

Women plays a vital role in our family as a mother, sister or as life partner etc. Women plays a very important role in our family and life.
Therefore we strongly believe in empowerment of women . In present society , women is not only looking after household and children but also working hard and earning for the betterment and happiness of her family and children and thus supporting her husband and family. But today women is facing many challenges from our changing society and family, social and gender discrimination etc. Therefore civil society and government is constantly worried about the conditions of women and day to day social and family cruelty and harassment women is suffering. Therefore we strongly believe in empowerment of women because women plays a vital role in family and society by financially supporting her family, educating and caring her children and looking after the household work apart from her job and service.

We are committed for the women empowerment by following program-mes :

1. Short Training programmes for women for their income generation.
2. Micro finance for their self employment and self reliance.
3. Short stay Home and rehabilitation and counseling, centre for women facing social and family problem.
4. Hostel for working women away from home, for their safety and security.
5. Formal adult education for illiterate women in slums and villages.
6.Play school (short stay homes) / crech for childrens of working women .
7. Health care and awareness camps / programmes for marginalized women in cities and villages.